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Tens of thousands of our beloved feline friends are killed, maimed or lost every year because they are allowed to roam free.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect our feline friends, provide them with a stimulating environment, and add variety to their lives and serenity to our homes.  The Safe Kitty outdoor cat enclosures will give your kitties the gift of the outdoors with the protection of the indoors.

Company Profile

We are a small home-based company in Buxton, Maine dedicated to building affordable outdoor protective cat enclosures for cats. Our Safe Kitty outdoor cat enclosures are made in the Maine tradition of quality, strength, and value. We believe in using only Maine White Cedar in our cat enclosures, a native wood famous for its natural rot resistance and durability.  We also believe in our local animal shelters and the wonderful job they do in taking care of and finding homes for unwanted pets, which is why we donate a portion of each cat enclosure sale to the shelter of our customer's choice.

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